Counselling Services How to Register a Complaint

How to Register a Complaint

Harassment Complaints

If you feel that you are being harassed and need to report the matter, it can be done verbally (informal complaint) or in writing (formal complaint) simply by using any one of the following available routes/channels:-
  • School Authorities (Student Advisor/HoD/female faculty/focal person)
  • Harassment Complaint Cell at C3A
        Contacts:   051-9085-1597
        Email:         [email protected]
  • NUST Anti-Harassment Helpline : 0309-8883366
Procedure for lodging Complaints
  1. Complaint can be lodged formally or informally.
  2. In an informal complaint, you can verbally report to any of the above channels regarding harassment i.e. designated members of your school, harassment complaint cell at C3A or NUST Anti-Harassment Helpline.
  3. An informal action will be taken to resolve the issue between the two parties.
  4. In case of Formal complaint, you will have to lodge a written report to any of the above channels. 
  5. A formal inquiry will then be initiated. The process will be completed within 30 working days and recommendations will be sent to the Competent Authority for implementation.
  6. Implementation of decision will be within 07 days of receipt of recommendations by the Competent Authority.


The entire process remains assuredly confidential. Special care is taken to abide by personal, social and professional norms. The dignity and sensibility of those involved are safeguarded at all times.