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Counselling Facilities

Individual Counselling

What is individual counselling and can it help me? In individual counselling, you have the full attention of one of our counsellors in an one-on-one atmosphere of understanding, warmth and insight. Our counsellors can help you in a variety of ways because they are excellent sounding-boards, compassionate listeners, and skillful experts in problems of living. […]

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Group Counselling

What is group counselling and can it help me? Each semester, C3A offers a variety of group therapy experiences. In group therapy, you can count on the expertise of the counsellors who facilitate the group. You can also get to know other students who are experiencing similar issues as you. Groups at C3A are designed […]

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Career Advisory

Career Counselling/guidance helps individuals to know and understand themselves and the job dynamics. This enables them to take decisions regarding their education, career and life. There are various elements that influence the process of career development, including one’s interests, abilities, values, personality, background and circumstances. Choosing a career path is a crucial task, but career […]

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