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Group Counselling

What is group counselling and can it help? 

 Each semester, C3A offers a variety of group therapy sessions. A counselling group is made up of 4-10 students who meet face-to-face with their therapist and discuss their concerns. In group therapy, individuals can rely on the expertise of the counsellors who lead the sessions. They also have the opportunity to connect with other students facing similar challenges. These group sessions are based on the core principle that is; members will not discuss content of these sessions outside of the group.

Group counselling sessions can help those students who feel alone or different from their peers because of the type of problem currently being experienced. These are a great source of additional support and emotional validation.

Am I eligible for group counselling services?

Students, Faculty, Employees and NG Staff of NUST are eligible for Counselling services.

Can I trust that group counselling will be confidential?

 C3A staff is ethically committed to confidentiality which means that even your attendance in a group at C3A is kept private and confidential by our staff. The issue of confidentiality is an important one, which is always addressed in the group immediately. Group members are asked to make a commitment to protect each other by agreeing not to divulge details which would identify you outside of the group. While it is okay to share your own group experience with friends or family, it is not okay to discuss other members in any way. While we at C3A cannot provide you an absolute guarantee of confidentiality since we cannot control every group member, however, our experience indicates that participants respect each other’s privacy, because they want their privacy respected as much as you do.

Several issues do not remain confidential and are based on the issue of protection. If someone appears to be planning harm to self (suicide), harm to others (homicide), or is aware of children or elderly individuals who are being abused, the counsellor is legally bound to break confidentiality in order to provide individuals the assistance they need.

Who are the group therapists? 

 Groups are led by counsellors who have training in group therapy and expertise in the specific areas that a group has been designed for.

How do I join a group and when does it start? 

Group sessions are offered based on need assessment and desired number of students. If you are interested in joining a group, call 051-9085-1571/9 to schedule an individual meeting with the group therapist(s), who will recommend whether the group could be of benefit to you. Most groups start near the beginning of the semester, so be sure you call within the first few weeks of classes.

How much does it cost?

 There is no cost for services at C3A.

What can I expect group counselling to be like? 

Groups can offer an intense, thought-provoking experience. The secret strength of group therapy is in the unique blend of professionals and clients united for the purpose of growth.

What groups are being offered this semester? 

 Group sessions are arranged keeping in view the needs of the clients. Most of the organised group sessions fill up to capacity (usually 4-10 members) within the first month of the semester. However, some groups remain “open” to accept new members even up until the last month of the semester. Check out our upcoming events for Group Counselling.