Counselling Services • Individual Career Counselling:

• Individual Career Counselling:

What is Career Counselling?
In career counselling, the focus is on assisting and guiding the individuals to better understand themselves as well as the current labour market trends, and to help them in making informed career and educational decisions. This process helps identify the career paths available, the way to pursue them, and the best resources to get there. Specifically, individual or one-on-one career counselling can guide students through the process of preparing themselves for the challenges ahead and help them learn how investing in education can enable one to reach the desired destination.

a. Who is eligible for career counselling services:
Students, Faculty, Employees, and NG staff of NUST are eligible for career counselling services.

b. Is the career counselling process confidential?
We are ethically committed to confidentiality which means that even your attendance in counselling is kept private and confidential.