Counselling Services Harassment Complaint Cell

Harassment Complaint Cell

Identifying and Preventing Harassment at the Workplace

​ An Overview Over the years NUST has grown into a comprehensive and internationally acclaimed institution of higher learning. Among the many vital components forming its bedrock, a prominent one has been in maintaining a dignified and professionally conducive environment for its students and employees arising from mutual respect, tolerance and the will to attain […]

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How to Register a Complaint

Harassment Complaints If you feel that you are being harassed and need to report the matter, it can be done verbally (informal complaint) or in writing (formal complaint) simply by using any one of the following available routes/channels:- School Authorities (Student Advisor/HoD/female faculty/focal person) Harassment Complaint Cell at C3A     Contacts:   051-9085-1597                          051-9085-1571 […]

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NUST Policy on Protection against Harassment

NUST Policy on Protection against Harassment HEC SEXUAL HARASSMENT-POLICY THE PROTECTION AGAINST HARASSMENT OF WOMEN AT THE WORKPLACE ACT 2010 Harassment_ Act 2022 نسٹ کی ہراسانی کے خلاف تخفظ کی پالیسی

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