Counselling Services Responding to Disruptive Behaviours in Classroom

Responding to Disruptive Behaviours in Classroom

Although it’s fairly rare, some students are so disturbed they become disruptive in class. Many faculty members make efforts to contain the situation and deal with it directly by speaking with the student after class about his or her behaviour. If this happens, the student may reveal personal problems and a referral to the University Counselling Centre can be made. Often, however, the first effort may not get results. Calling the Counselling Centre for a consultation might prove to be helpful. Together, we can develop a strategy to deal with the disruptive behaviour and get the student some help if possible.
Some behaviours students will exhibit that indicate they’re in crisis and need emergency attention include:

  • Highly disruptive behaviours, hostility, aggressiveness, violence, etc.
  • Inability to communicate clearly (garbled, slurred speech; unconnected or disjointed thoughts)
  • Loss of contact with reality, such as seeing or hearing things that aren’t there, beliefs or actions that are greatly at odds with reality or probability
  • Suicidal thoughts that are immediate, including plans and/or methods
  • Homicidal thoughts