Centre for Counselling and Career Advisory (C3A), established in 2008, has developed into a well-organized professional outfit with its vision and mission aimed at facilitating NUST’s manifestation as a diverse and comprehensive university prominent in the National and International academic and research arenas.

University life is a major transition in an adolescent/ young adult’s life and brings with it a host of experiences and challenges. Good mental health is vital for a successful university experience. Personal and psychological issues interfere with innumerable aspects of a students’ life.  Small, seemingly insignificant conflicts, if not resolved at the very outset usually snowball into larger more serious issues later. We listen empathically and try to help individuals pursue their own understanding of what is to be done to lead a healthy and prosperous life. Moreover, we give you a comfortable space with our counsellors to help you visualize your future owing to your interests and abilities. The Centre is manned by experienced, qualified and friendly staff who are there to make it a worth while experience for you. We are out there to cater to the NUST ecosystem and have proudly served around 6374+ to date clients since our inception.

With that, let me ensure you that C3is a place where all services are rendered with the counselling code of ethics and strict confidentiality. 

I am sure a visit to the Centre will be an informative and rewarding one. I wish you all the very best in pursuing your dreams.

Ayesha Mujeeb
General Manager Centre for Counselling and Career Advisory (

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