News Webinar – Pakistan International School, Jeddah (KSA)

Webinar – Pakistan International School, Jeddah (KSA)


In a promising collaboration the C3A joined hands with the Admissions Dte to offer valuable career counseling and guidance on the entry route to NUST for the student of Pakistan International School Jeddah English Section (PISJES).

The webinar aimed to equip students of PISJES with required insight and information regarding the academic pathways and career prospects at NUST. The students of PISJES were eager to participate for gaining a better insight of their future academic and professional journey.

Director C3A, Mr Ali Hassnian Sayed gave a welcome note to the audience attending the webinar. Through the address, he encouraged students to explore and choose NUST as it ensures progressive future for its students.

The representatives of C3A and Admissions Dte shed light on the various disciplines and opportunities available at NUST. An in-depth knowledge was provided on the eligibility criteria, admission requirements, scholarship opportunities, and fee structures.

Furthermore, the webinar provided the enthusiastic students with the opportunity to have an open dialogue with the representatives of NUST and ask questions to gain more clarity to their concerns.

The principal of PISJES gave the closing remarks appreciating the efforts of the NUST team in collaborating and conducting this webinar.

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