News World Mental Health Celebration 2023

World Mental Health Celebration 2023


In a monumental display of commitment to the well-being of the NUST community, the Centre for Counselling & Career Advisory (C3A), in collaboration with the Department of Behavioural Sciences (DBS-S3H), orchestrated a series of impactful events from 10th– 12th October 2023 in celebration of World Mental Health Day 2023. The three-day event, themed “Mental Health is a Universal Human Right,” was the first of its kind, aiming to shine a spotlight on mental health awareness and nurture a culture of well-being within the NUST community.

The inaugural day commenced with an enlightening seminar centered on the theme, attended by students and NUST employees. Ms. Annum Tanveer and Ms. Sidrah Akhtar, our distinguished guest speakers, took the stage to address the students. Their insights on the importance of mental health and effective coping strategies in times of distress were nothing short of invaluable. Additionally, the seminar also touched upon the profound link between substance abuse and mental well-being, and the significance of taking action against this vice to safe-guard mental health. The audience was left with a profound understanding of the subject and a sense of purpose in promoting mental well-being. Following the seminar, C3A’s awareness stall and a multitude of other student-led stalls at Concordia-1 created a bustling atmosphere. The enthusiastic participation of NUST employees and students from across the university’s institutes was a testament to the collective commitment to this cause.

Day two was no less remarkable, as the S3H courtyard transformed into a hub of activity. C3A Psychologists and DBS students set up a variety of stalls. C3A’s stall was dedicated to mental health self-care strategies, gratitude, and positive affirmations, encouraging everyone to reflect on and express the positivity in their lives. In addition to the stalls, DBS students engaged the audience with a captivating play, emphasizing the importance of prioritizing one’s mental well-being.

The third day featured awareness sessions at the NUST Creative Learning Schools and College (NCLS&C). Here, the experienced psychologists of C3A extended their expertise to students at O levels,Matric, and Intermediate, offering invaluable insights into the importance of mental health from an early age. By instilling these principles in young minds, NUST takes a giant stride in nurturing a generation that values mental health.

This event magnificently underscored the university’s commitment to nurturing the well-being of its students and employees, and to promoting a supportive and healthy campus environment. The grandeur of this event was matched only by its relevance, as it initiated a dialogue on mental health and well-being. In a world where mental health is gaining its rightful recognition, NUST has taken the lead in cultivating a culture of well-being within its community.

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