About Us Vision & Mission

Vision & Mission


C3A aims to support the academic vision and mission of NUST, while offering quality mental health services and ensuring a harassment-free NUST campus.


Based on a commitment to help our community as well as enhancing their social, personal, and ethical development, our mission involves fostering individual success, engagement, and well-being through the following:

  • Providing high quality professional counselling services to students who experience educational, social,  personal, psychological or adjustment problems which inhibit academic performance and personal development.
  • Educating and orienting NUST students and employees to ensure a sexual harassment-free campus while continuing to build their capacity on harassment issues in accordance with the policy guidelines provided by HEC.
  • Providing professional consultation to faculty, fostering awareness of the psychological aspects of learning.
  • Continually reviewing and evaluating practice and pursuing new initiatives which address the changing needs of the NUST ecosystem.
  • Using knowledge gained through counselling to help the University identify and address areas of stress.
  • Helping students determine their strengths and weaknesses and identifying aptitudes which will facilitate them in making right career choices.
  • Assisting students in occupational exploration and personal life planning.
  • Crisis intervention and emergency response through cooperative arrangements with other community resources.
  • Empowering students so that they may grow into productive individuals.