Seminars and Workshops C3A Briefing to ILOs

Centre for Counselling & Career Advisory (C3A) held a productive meeting with the ILO’s of all Schools/Institutes of NUST on 6th December 2023. The meeting aimed at fostering closer collaboration and discussing ways to enhance support services offered to NUST students.

Mr Ali Hasnain Sayed, Director C3A gave the welcome address and gave a brief introduction of the Centre and its services. Ms Ayesha Mujeeb, Senior Psychologist and Ms Sidra Azhar, Senior Career Counsellor led the session where they familiarised the audience with the role of the Centre in the personal and professional development of the whole NUST eco-system.

In addition to highlighting its existing services, C3A emphasized its desire to further enhance student support through collaboration with ILO’s. The Centre expressed its expectations for ILO’s to act at liaisons, identify student needs and develop a strong referral system with the Centre.