News NUST Summer School 2023

NUST Summer School 2023


C3A collaborated with Student Affairs Dte in NUST Summer School 23. The Centre planned and organized interesting activities spanning over three days for the NSS students. Choosing a career is one of the most crucial phases in a student’s life. This event targeted the interests, abilities and possible career opportunities for the students’ entering universities. C3A aimed to empower the students to make informed career choices. Moreover, C3A led all the events with the support of students of Department of Behavioural Science (DBS), S3H.

Career assessment was conducted on 17th July 2023 on 189 students to gauge their area of interests. The students thoroughly enjoyed this activity. Career camp was organized on 22nd July 2023 and over 154 students participated in this event. Different services were namely, individual career/general counselling, interview readiness, career exploration, decision making, labour market information, self-hypnosis and personality testing were being offered. An international organization (Franklin Covey) also participated in this camp and engaged the students in identifying and exploring their passions and career aspirations. Results and interpretation session was held on 24th July, 2023 where the reports were shared with the students in the form of group counselling sessions.

Overall, C3A received a positive response from the students who participated in these events.

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