News Visit of C3A Team to CAE Risalpur:

Visit of C3A Team to CAE Risalpur:


The Centre for Counselling and Career Advisory (C3A) team visited College of Aeronautical Engineering (CAE) Risalpur on 1st and 2nd January 2024, with the aim of promoting emotional and social well-being of students and faculty through different lectures, trainings and counselling sessions.

Director C3A oriented freshmen regarding the services of the Centre. Ms. Rohia Nusrat conducted a mental health awareness lecture and led a career planning session with the students equipping them with essential tools to prosper in their personal and professional life. The team also met the CAE commandant to discuss students’ well-being.

Ms. Ayesha Mujeeb held a training session with   Student Advisors on Basic Counselling Skills enabling them to address student concerns effectively.

This collaboration fosters a holistic academic environment prioritising mental health, life skills, and career guidance, preparing students for success.

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