News C3A Visit to Rozan (an NGO) for Potential Collaboration

C3A Visit to Rozan (an NGO) for Potential Collaboration


Centre for Counselling and Career Advisory (C3A) recently embarked on a visit to Rozan (an NGO) on May 30th, 2024 with the aim to explore potential avenues for collaboration between Rozan’s initiatives and the services offered at the Centre by leveraging combined resources and expertise.

Rozan is an NGO that aims to foster positive societal change by adopting a holistic and multifaceted approach. It focuses on proactive measures and protective interventions to tackle issues related to emotional health, gender equality and violence against women and children. During the visit C3A team commended the efforts of this NGO for their exemplary service to the community. Discussion regarding the integration of Rozan’s nationwide helpline service to strengthen Centre’s existing referral network also took place. Additionally, the meeting explored avenues for organizing joint training and seminar initiatives and enhancing the current services provided by both institutes. The primary objective of the meeting was to establish a referral network and foster mutual growth by using each other’s expertise through potential future collaborations, thereby strengthening the partnership between both organizations.


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